Book Mark Sensor BMS-DS

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Book Mark Sensor BMS-DS is a Z-Wave, battery-powered door/window sensor, with ultra-slim housing that can protect doors, windows and other valuables for your household security. 

It is a magnet sensor that is able to be mounted almost anywhere like doors, windows, cabinets, drawers, artworks and even on exterior gates, designed to fit invisibly in between most wood, aluminium, and plastic door and window frames. With up to 10 years life battery, you DO NOT need to have the battery charged or replaced in the duration of usage.


  • Product BMS-DS: Door Sensor
  • Dimensions 185x16x3 mm
  • Outcase Tempered glass + VO Flame-retardant ABS, IP65
  • Power Supply Built-in custom battery (LiMn02)
  • ZWave Specifications Z-Wave Plus 921.42MHz. (AU)
  • Frequency: Operating frequency range, defined by the regulatory bodies
  • Accessories 2*Magnet, 2*3M sticker, user manual

Book Mark Sensor Manual