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Why make your new home legacy from day one?

Saving energy, feeling comfortable, and confident have never been easier. Making the choice of automating your home for the future has never been easier. When you have a home controller you feel empowered. I know I did.

We live in a world that is constantly being upgraded. From our food to our gyms to our cars, and now even our homes. Vast strides in smart home technology have made it possible for us to suddenly have the safety and convenience we always wanted, but never thought possible. Saving energy, feeling comfortable, and confident have never been easier.

 I never quite understood how a smart home could improve my life until I did my research. While at first, I was sceptical, no way a smart home is for everyone, I was soon swayed in my judgment when I read about Smartlink Automation smart home solutions. With a smart home by Smartlink Automation, anyone can benefit from a smart home. With Z-Wave wireless products, quality and performance won me over.

Future-proof Your Home

Making the choice of automating your home for the future has never been easier. In the times of home automation, you barely have to lift a finger. Literally. When you choose a build that includes smart home capabilities, then it’s as simple as downloading an app and plugging in a device. I installed my smart home hub within a matter of minutes and soon as I synced my device to my phone, I could suddenly see the realm of possibilities.

I’m so glad that when my custom home builder suggested Smartlink Automation smart home automation consultants, I listened. I now am able to control the lights, blinds, camera’s, climate of my home, stream tv and music, ask questions, make lists and reminders, and so much more. It’s like Kit from Nightrider lives in my house and honestly, I have never felt so cool. So let’s dig into some details of how everything works.

Comfort and Control

When you have a home controller you feel empowered. I know I did. The revolutionary idea that controlling the home climate, security and access, indoor and outdoor lighting, entertainment centers, and even curtains and blinds is a bit mind-boggling. When you’ve gotten over the initial shock of how amazing this idea is, you can join me in installing all the facets of a new smarter life.

Don’t just settle for an out of date home with a regular thermostat, lighting, and security. The time has come to explore the realm of possibilities and improvements. Being comfortable and in control of my home has relieved so much of my anxiety. That’s something you can’t put a price tag on.

Easily Adaptable to Change

The world you and I live in is ever-changing and moving forward. Purchasing a build with smart home features is the best way to ensure you’re not stuck in the past. With voice assistant integration in your new home, you’ll be headed rapidly towards the future and everyone will have to catch up with you. Voice assistant integration will ensure all smart home technologies can talk to each other and work in harmony. With this futuristic technology, your friends and family will be astounded at home seamlessly your home takes care of you.

Imagine being able to control your entire living space using Alexa, Siri, or Google Home. All the features these virtual assistants already offer, turned up to 11 by allowing you to turn your television on or off, control lighting, and control your HVAC system all by just saying the word. Now when you’rere carrying soccer gear for your kids, groceries, and the dog, you’ll be able to tell your home to turn on the lights for you, set up the kids watching tv, and cool down all with your voice. The future is here and it is bright.

Increase Property Value

When I was shopping for a new home, I always noticed that my realtor would highlight or showcase smart home features. This is because smart homes are very desirable. When you choose to build a smart home, you are automatically increasing the property value of your home, without adding anything too extravagant. While it may not be a hot tub or an outdoor entertainment centre, it is an addition that will benefit you the entire time you live there and attract potential buyers when the time comes to sell.

Your home is an investment. I love knowing that if I never need to move, I am have invested in a property that anyone would be happy to purchase. With special features, a lovely neighbourhood, and natural landscaping, it’s been one of my biggest and best investments. The updated features will keep my property value on the rise for years to come. 

Feel Safe and Secure

When I am feeling extra anxious, particularly after watching an episode of a true-crime documentary, I take comfort in knowing I can check all my security facets from my phone. One-click of a button and I’m sure I’m protected, even when I’m away from home. My smart home will take care of keeping my pets and belongings protected.

Becoming a smart homeowner has decreased the chances of a mishap, even if sometimes I’m not great a securing my home like when I forget to close the garage door, I can remedy that mistake with ease, right from my phone. All doors can be centrally locked, cameras checked, and fear can take a hike.

Choosing the Right Products for Your Smart Home

I never know how many smart home products were out there until I suddenly was bombarded with ads. This one is the best quality but doesn’t sync to this other device and that one has good ratings, but won’t connect to my tablet. Trying to mix and match these items is not the way to go. Instead, there is an easy solution to discovering what smart home additions are compatible with each other.

Thankfully Smartlink Automation was able to recommend products that all talk to each other and sync up perfectly. Finding exactly what I needed to make my home the most comfortable, intelligent, and ecologically friendly it could be was suddenly a breeze. With professional Smartlink Automation installers to install and configure my entire system, I didn’t have to stress at all.