How the bond bridge works: A homeowner’s guide to using it right

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How the bond bridge works: A homeowner’s guide to using it right

If you’re a smart homeowner looking to integrate your devices into a hub, you’ll need a bond bridge. How the bond bridge works is a matter of setting it up and understanding how it communicates and remembers devices.

What’s a bond bridge?

What devices work with Bond Bridge?

The Bond Bridge is a wireless device that connects both DC and AC-operated devices to your WiFi network. It is a bridge between Wifi and the remote’s recorded signals. Some devices that can be controlled via smartphones and smart assistants include fans, motorized shades and fireplaces.

The bridge connects with remotes using radio waves or Infrared signals. It records the remote’s signals and can remember and duplicate these by the device. Regardless of the type of remote you have, a single Bond Bridge can control 30 devices from a central location. Those extend now to fireplaces,  It records and transmits both radio frequency (RF) and Infrared signals which means it works on most remotes.

The steps to set your bond bridge are as follows

  1. Plug the bond bridge in and wait until the ring of light turns white. This indicates that the bond bridge is booting up.
  2. From white, the light ring then flashes green which indicates the bridge is ready for setup.
  3. Open the Bond Home app and log in.
  4. Under settings, select your WiFi network and connect to the Bond Config network. 
  5. The ring of light then turns blue to indicate it's safe to add devices.

The advantage of bond bridges is that it can smarten up devices without needing to replace them. Take your humble ceiling fan, for example. Did you ever think you can turn it on/off or control speeds through your mobile?

Besides fans, the bond bridge also switches on lights and fireplaces and lowers or raises shades. You can control upto 30 devices within a 2,500 square ft area without maintaining a line of sight with the devices. 

Using contactless control, you can use the bond bridge as a medium between devices and Wifi that communicate through smart assistants like Alexa, Siri and  Google. Since it works with remote-controlled appliances, you can continue to use your existing appliances. Bear in mind though, that IR frequency devices will need that line of sight in order for the Bridge to talk to the device. 

The Bond bridge is for anybody who wants to add voice control to appliances. This means that differently abled and elderly residents can operate devices without having to physically exert.

Now that you know how easy and straight forward the set up is, how about deciding a time to buy your very first Bond Bridge?