Bond bridge pro v. bond bridge: which tech is right for you?

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Bond bridge pro v. bond bridge: which tech is right for you?

Those of you who went the smart home route would know all too well that gadgets work only so long as they’re able to communicate with each other.  There are some devices, such as ceiling fans and garage door openers that require either a bond bridge pro vs .bond bridge to work properly.

A bond bridge plugs the gap between appliances that operate at a 433-315 MHz range with smart assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa and Hubitat.  

What differences lie over getting a bond bridge pro vs the bond bridge? And more importantly, which one works best for your home? Dive into it with us!

How do you use a bond bridge?

What fans work with Bond Bridge?

A bond bridge works as a bridge between your Wi-Fi and the remote’s recorded signals. It covers a range of 2500 square feet and can control 30 devices.

The setup depends on the platform you’re using . for instance, on Android, these would be the steps to follow; 

  1. Ensure your wireless network is stable and not experiencing drops.
  2. Plug the bond into an outlet. The centre ring light will go white as the device is booting up.
  3. The device turns green when it's ready to be used. You may need to perform a Wi-Fi reset if it doesn’t turn green. 
  4. Install and open the bond application from Playstore.
  5. You will need to create an account to login to and continue with the next steps. Once you’re logged in, click on the + symbol and choose Bond Bridge.
  6. The set up screen will ask you if you wish to Continue. 
  7. Select your Bond serial number which is shown under nearby devices.
  8. Key in your network password. Once connected to your network, the centre ring will become blue. 

PS: An orange light indicates that the Bond is unable to connect to your Wi-fi. You will then need to recheck your connection and the password you typed. 

How does Bond hub work?

Does Bond work with all ceiling fans?

The Bond hub resembles a hockey puck. It needs to be positioned in the open in order to send Infrared signals to the devices in the room. Once it recognizes and learns signals from the existing controls, it can replace remotes and let you control those appliances via your smartphone over hotspot or Wi-Fi. 

The Bond can recognize both radio and infrared frequencies-meaning that it can control ceiling fans, fireplaces and garage doors. These are devices that conventionally lack a smart interface.  

What is the difference between bond bridge and bond bridge pro?

What is the difference between bond bridge and bond bridge pro?

Bond Bridge Pro

Bond Bridge

  1. It's designed for larger homes. It does not work with IR
  1. It's designed for medium sized homes. It detects IR.
  1. Controls upto 50 devices over a range of 3,500 square feet. 

2. Controls upto 30 devices over a range of 2,500 square feet.

  1. It features a Somfy slider control.

3.  There’s no slider control

  1. Comes with a 3-year warranty

4. Comes with a 1-year warranty

  1. Comes with a wall and ceiling mount

5. No wall and ceiling mounts.

  1. Shade Slider (yes)

6. Shade slider (no)

  1. Costs $650

7. Costs $230


Bond devices connected your ceiling fan to Amazon Alexa or Google assistant, where your mobile phone is the remote. It's more practical and cost-effective than a Leviton or GE ceiling fan controller if you have several ceiling fans. 

Once you download the app from the smart home app store, you’ll need to create an account or log in to an existing one. This lets you add your device to your account, as explained in the previous section.Once you select the Bond Bridge, you will need to wait for it to blink green which indicates it's in setup mode broadcasting its own SSID. Once it's connected via Wi-Fi, you can enter the four-digit PIN on the back of the Bond Bridge.


Can Bond Bridge Control TV?

  1. How do I add bond to my home assistant?

Here are the steps to add Bond to your Home Assistant

  1. Via the user interface, Bond can be auto-discovered by Home Assistant. If the instance is discovered, select it to set up right away.
  2. If 1 doesn’t work, a manual configuration will be required. You’ll need to navigate to your home assistant instance and click on the Configuration tab on the sidebar. 
  3. At the bottom right, check the Add Integration button. From the list, search and pick “Bond”.
  4. Follow the instructions that appear on screen to complete the set up.


  • How do I connect my bond to WiFi?

  • If an orange light appears on your Bond bridge, you can use the green reset button to try reconnecting to an existing network. This usually occurs when you exit the range within which it can detect and send signals. 

    If a wrong password was typed while setting up, the green reset can help again without removing any devices stored on the cloud. 

    Try using a toothpick or pin to hold the reset switch down, which is located next to the USB cable connector. The ring will blink white for a few seconds before going back to green. Next, open the app and select the + sign again to add the bond. Your existing device settings will not be affected. You can then follow the remaining set up instructions.

  • How do you reset the bond bridge?

  • A factory reset can clear all existing data, so remember to back it up on the Cloud as a precaution before resetting the Bond Bridge. Hold the pinhole button down near the power source until the green light flashes to reset the Wi-Fi settings. You can now set it up again on a new connection or add a new ownership. 

    Keep holding until the light is white, indicating that the entire database has been wiped. These resets can also be performed via mobile apps by selecting the Bond Bridge, tapping the settings button, and choosing “Remove Bond Bridge”.